Blogging and I

Blogging –this a new sport for me . I call it ‘sport’ because it relaxes me and really I would like to flex my brain cells and get better at it .

Unfortunately, I find myself thinking about topics to blog about at the most unpractical places .For example, during my bath , or just when drifting off into deep sleep , or on the subway while wedged between smelly armpits (I am fairly short) , or other places where getting a paper and pen , let alone the ipad is not very easy. At these times I find myself very witty and a very prolific in the thoughts .

But when I sit on my chair in front of the PC screen , I freeze …… My mind is blank. I stare at the keyboard and try to recall all the various topics I was going to tap on about . The seconds tick by and I am determined to get something down in the new post , finally in desperation I land up typing something totally different from what I had envisioned myself writing about .

I hear that I have to just keep at it and that gradually my blogs will improve. I shall follow this advice but am not so sure about how much of a progress there will be. Of course I have only started blogging almost 3 weeks back

This is similar to the advice I was given on playing chess — that advice was given a few decades ago –but I still get checkmated after 3 moves.