I had a beautiful dream last night . On waking I saw the sun streaming in through my window , I could hear the birds chirping outside and I thought —“-Hey, am I still dreaming “?

Right now I am sitting at my keyboard and wondering —which was the dream —–what I saw while I was sleeping or what I experienced when I supposedly woke up . Which one was the reality ?

Suppose what we live during our waking hours is actually a dream and what we normally call sleep takes us to reality …It is confusing isn’t it ?
This is somewhat similar to what Jeffery Meyers in his book “Impressionist Quartet” wrote –“The French Philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty has called a mirror “the instrument of a universal magic that changes things into spectacles, spectacles into things , me into others and others into me ”
Which one is an illusion which one is reality.

Sometimes these distinctions between the two seem to get blurred —
would you agree ?