A Talent I would like to have

The one talent I would have really liked, is to write creatively .

Being a student of science I always felt intimidated by those who studied the humanities and could effortlessly scribble pages of stories and essays etc . Years later some of my childhood friends are now successful authors while I I struggle to write a Blog .

If I could write well. My ideas and wisdom would also be flowing from my pen –although now they would be pounded out on the keyboard . Still it would be a way to share with the world what I feel or know .

This is a blog and I have decided to write it ,as a challenge, and to  develop a flair for writing . It is said that Talent is not  just a genetic trait but requires lots of hardwork and practice to be any good . after Practice makes perfect

I just hope somebody reads all this because I would love comments –positive or negative—it does not matter –it is all accepted in my quest to develop the talent for writing .

I would like suggestions on what to write about .