Third time lucky

This morning I  started my driving lessons again for the 3rd time in my life . I sat behind the steering after a long interval of 3 years and my hands had become clammy and sticky and my ears had a funny sound in them . As though through a haze , I could hear the instructor telling me to adjust my seat, turn the key etc and there was a loud honking behind . Both the noises only making me more paralyzed . I just wanted to get out of the car.

I have driven before in a different country , but it was on seldom occasions . I have taken lessons before  in my present country , twice and I was OK , just needed a little more practice to get my licence but then I did not get a chance to take the wheel to get the necessary practice and so finally I gave up all hopes of driving again .

Recently I got fed up by the delays and the circuitous routes of public transport and thought that if I could drive before , it would be a breeze to start driving and get my license this time .   Boy . Was I proved wrong , I just froze ……… wished everybody would shut up so that I could carry with what my mind was telling me to do …. adjust my seat , adjust my mirror, put on belt , check my surroundings ,  turn the keys  and gently ease my car into motion and the rest

Anyway somehow I did get the car to lurch forward and it took me quite a few minutes to settle into a semi -comfortable zone of driving . We drove around the city for about an hour with the instructor chatting away on some stupid subject or the other. I knew he was trying to get me to relax .   We got back and I got off feeling a certain respect for him.  Driving instructors take a big risk with us learners .

Over all this was a very embarrassing start to the driving lessons . I hope I do better for the next lesson. I Must get this license.
They say  “third time lucky” —I want to prove them right